Aleksandr Borisenko



I have been involved in developing and deploying Desktop, Web and Mobile applications for my entire career. I also have significant skills in Network and System Administration. Please read about my experience below on this page.

I take pride in my passion to carefully study whatever I'm working with. It helped me to form skills that are needed to effectively collaborate with a wide range of specialists. I believe that the main thing is accuracy and consistency. My high attention to details, combined with the ability to ask the right questions, allow me to understand requirements clearly and suggest features and resolutions that make the projects better.

Outside of work, my hobbies are music and programming microcontrollers, before I took an interest in photo and video editing. I speak Russian, English and a little Spanish.

At the moment, I am an Android and Back-end developer.

Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to working with you.


IntelliJ IDEA: Java, JavaScript, Python3, SQL, HTML/CSS, XML;

Eclipse IDE: C++;

Frameworks: Django, JUnit, React Native;

Android: RxJava2, Dagger2;

Scripts: Python, Bash, VIM.


OS: Android, Linux, Windows;

VM: Docker;

Cloud: Nextcloud.



Bug Tracker: Redmine;

DB: PostgreSQL, SQLite;

VCS: Git;

Broker: RabbitMQ.

Work experience

Individual Entrepreneur
Java Developer (Android)
  1. Taking part in developing an Android application for distribution of publications in social networks.
  2. Designing and developing an open source Android application for taking Notes from any sources available by Links and syncing data via Cloud services.
  3. Developing a hybrid mobile application which is running on Android and iOS platforms and necessary for improving the overall guests' experience of their interaction with the services of a 5* hotel.

IntelliJ IDEA: Java, JavaScript, Python3, XML; Frameworks: Django, JUnit, React Native; Libraries: RxJava2, Dagger2; Scripts: Python, Bash

OS: Linux Kubuntu, Android, Linux CentOS, Win10; Cloud: Nextcloud

WWW: NGINX, uWSGI; VCS: Git; Bug Tracker: Redmine; DB: PostgreSQL, SQLite

Individual Entrepreneur
Python Developer
  1. Designing and developing a service for collecting and processing multimedia data, which was consisting of a master server and a distributed network of nodes for executing tasks and storing data.
  2. Developing and administering Websites based on various Frameworks and CMS, building and configuring Virtual Machines and Containers to optimize testing, deploying and maintaining processes.

Eclipse IDE/PyCharm: Python2, PL/pgSQL, HTML/CSS, JavaScript; Frameworks: Django, Bottle; CMS: django CMS; Library: Celery; Scripts: Bash, Python, Fabric

OS: Linux CentOS, Linux Kubuntu; VM: Vagrant, Docker

WWW: NGINX, Gunicorn, uWSGI; VCS: SVN, Git; Broker: RabbitMQ; DB: PostgreSQL, SQLite; MTA: Postfix

Costa Esperanza Consulting S.L.
System Administrator (Windows/Linux), PHP Developer
  1. Building and administering the IT infrastructure of the office: installing and maintaining a PBX equipment, deploying and configuring Windows Servers Active Directory Domain Services, maintaining restricted access to the Terminal Server and other resources.
  2. Developing and administering Websites based on various CMS, optimizing and hosting them into Data Centers.

Eclipse IDE: PHP, SQL, HTML/CSS, JavaScript; CMS: Bitrix, DLE; Scripts: Bash, VIM, Perl

OS: Win2003 Server, Linux CentOS, Linux Kubuntu

PBX: LDK-100, Asterisk; WWW: Apache, NGINX; VCS: SVN; DB: MySQL, PostgreSQL

Costa Esperanza Consulting S.L.
C# Developer

Designing and developing a software package to analyze, maintain and promote Web Resources. The project was canceled due to financial issues, when the prototype was being actively developed.

VisualStudio 2005: C#, XML; Framework: Carbon


DB: MS Access (ADO)

Lyssoft 2000 S.L.
ASP/C# Developer
  1. Developing an online Chat service and a multilingual Windows application as a client for a website written in ASP (JavaScript). As part of this project, I integrated the website’s billing system with the Linux server.
  2. Designing and developing the Web application in ASP.NET (C#) for collaborative working with real estate objects.

VisualStudio .NET/2005: ASP (JavaScript), C#, T-SQL, C++ (MFC); UltraEdit: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, MS HTML Help

OS: Win2000 Server, Win2003 Server, WinXP

WWW: IIS, ActiveX Components; DB: MS SQL Server 2000

Lyssoft 2000 S.L.
C++ Developer (Windows)

Designing and developing a number of multithreaded programs to work with Internet resources. That was a software system which consisted of multilingual programs for Windows platform, and Linux server software to maintain legal access to programs that accepted payments and offered several partner programs. The whole infrastructure was developed from the scratch.

VisualStudio 6.0/.NET: C++ (WinAPI, MFC); UltraEdit: Perl, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, C/C++, MS HTML Help

OS: Win2000, WinXP, Linux RedHat

IDS: Snort; WWW: Apache; DB: MySQL; MTA: Sendmail, Qmail


e-legion & Google
Android Developer

Online school of Android-developers.

Android Studio : Java, XML

OS: Win8.1, Android 4.x

VCS: Git; DB: SQLite

Obninsk Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering
System Engineer

I graduated from Cybernetics Department of Computer Science Faculty. My graduation project, known as a Capstone, was developing a post-relational database of scientific data working with queries using the Semantic Analysis and Fuzzy Logic. As part of the education process, I took part in developing a Neural Network for recognizing handwritten digits. Also, I took part in developing the Resident Language Translator for Windows.

C++Builder: C++; VisualStudio 6.0: C++ (WinAPI); Notepad: Turbo C, MASM, Perl, PHP, HTML

OS: MS-DOS, NetWare, Win95, Win98, WinNT, OS/2 Warp, Linux Slackware, Linux RedHat

NET: IPX/SPX, TCP/IP; WWW: Apache; DB: PostgreSQL; MTA: MS Exchange Server


My current location is Tokmok, Kyrgyzstan. If you would like to get in contact with me, please use the form below. Asterisks indicate required fields. Also, please check the "I'm not a robot" box.